DOI 10.52773/tsuull.gold.2019.2/GCOA7378


  • A.H.Shar’iy JUZJONIY


seal, unique manuscript, Alisher Navoi, folio


Abstract:This article deals with the unique manuscript of Alisher Navoiy, “Xazoyin
ul-maoniy”, possibly written in 1495, six years before the death of the great poet. This
manuscript is most likely the most accurate and the oldest one since there are multiple
seals of the 988 hijriy year which have been sealed on every page of the book. It is written
in a beautiful nastaliq script on the fine paper without absolute errors. Unfortunately, there
are some missing pages of the manuscript that might contain the name of the scriber and
the general pages of this finest composition.
Based on the study of the manuscript, it is said that there are 19999 verses of gazals
and 2379 verses of qit’a, muhammas, musaddas, masnaviy, muammo, and fard in this
composition. The author included 50 qit’a in “G’aroyib us-sig’ar”, 51 qit’a in “Navodir
ush-shabob”, 58 qit’a in “Badoe’ ul-vasat”, and 50 qit’a in “Favoib ul-kibar”. This manuscript of Navoi contains totally 675 folios, 1350 pages with some folios restored due to the
constant use of the manuscript.
There are also more than 30 seals on the margins of the manuscript. 
of the manuscript there is a round seal on the nastaliq script with the initials “Abulg’ozi
Muhammad Ibrohimxon ibn Hoji Muhammadxon”. These seals like many other seals
sealed on the other pages of this manuscript provide an invaluable clue to the patron of
the masterpiece. He was the prince of the Timurid descent Sulton Muhammad Ibrohimxon
ibn Hoji Muhammadxon.